FlexDex Surgical: A Mechanical Minimally Invasive Surgical Tool that Maintains Natural Dexterity


M-PED's Executive Director, Dr. James Geiger, is the Co-Founder and CMO of FlexDex Inc. Their first minimally invasive surgical tool is anticipated to be commercially available in mid-2016.

Sourced from Medgadget (www.medgadget.com)

"Highly expensive surgical robots have become popular partially because traditional minimally invasive surgery relies on clunky tools that don’t provide natural dexterity and take considerable time to master. FlexDex, a Brighton, Michigan company just coming out from the stealth mode, has developed an entirely new control mechanism for minimally invasive tools that certainly looks intuitive, but doesn’t cost millions of dollars. It relies on technology called “Virtual Center” that transmits movement from the wrist of the surgeon to the joint of the instrument entirely mechanically. Using both the gimbal and the rotating handle, the surgeon has lots of freedom while maintaining natural control of the instrument. The FlexDex technology should be coming out in the middle of next year."

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Source: http://peddev.org/news/newsitem?nid=72