“The Fellowship was a once in a lifetime opportunity to openly observe, learn through practice, and fully immerse ourselves in every aspect of clinical care.

We had the opportunity to observe and work on improving absolutely anything.  Our search for opportunities to improve medical care were not limited to a certain type of technology, particular user group, certain procedures or settings of treatments, etc. 

We learned many observational skills, creative thinking techniques, and ways of evaluating opportunities. We immediately applied these skills when making clinical observations and evaluating the opportunities we observed. Applying what we had learned was very challenging the first time but we were guided and taught more as we did so. As a result, these skills and habits are fully integrated into my approach. If we did not actively apply what we were learning to practice, we probably would only be incorporating a small percentage into daily practice.

I will probably never again have the ability to observe in any setting of the hospital, clinics, patients' homes, etc. that I did during the fellowship. This enabled us to study a problem from absolutely every perspective first hand and not rely on interviews to fill in perspectives that we could not experience ourselves.”

- Laura McCormick, PhD. VP of Technology, Brio Device LLC. 2010-2011 Fellowship Year.



"The unique opportunity to work with a bright, talented, and energetic group of fellows from highly multidisciplinary backgrounds – each with key contributions to make toward biomedical innovation -- was nothing short of phenomenal. The entire team spent a year interacting with faculty and staff of the Center for Sleep Science, and the education obtained was very much bidirectional. The focus was, how could we make substantive improvements in care for patients with sleep or related health challenges, in a manner that could then be exported to sleep practices around the world. The experience had lasting effects and benefits for everyone involved, well beyond the one-year fellowship."

- Ronald D. Chervin, MD, Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Michigan 

Source: http://peddev.org/fellowship/testimonials