Medical Innovation Fellowship Program

Fostering dynamic, interdisciplinary education and research at the frontier of biomedical technology, the Medical Innovation Fellowship is the flagship program of MPED. Our goal is to develop fellows who are trained not only to continue medical innovation, but also to train future generations of medical innovators.

Promising scientific research and groundbreaking technologies frequently fail to impact the clinic because often investigators are unfamiliar with navigating the perilous path from conception to marketplace. To train a new generation of biomedical technology innovators, MPED offers an intensive, one year, fully funded fellowship program.

Innovation Fellows are assembled into interdisciplinary innovation teams – comprised of medical and dental residents, engineers of different disciplines, scientists in biomedical disciplines and business professionals. These groups collaborate in a process of nascent biomedical innovation and development, starting from a broad, thematic focus, such as musculoskeletal disease or cardiovascular medicine.

The teams go through a systematic process involving didactic education, full clinical immersion for problem identification and verification, innovation, intellectual property evaluation, market research, prototyping, early-stage testing, and technology distribution planning. Fellows are under the auspices of UM clinicians, engineers and business school faculty, but also tap the specific expertise available from technology transfer professionals and industry R&D leaders, as well as regulatory, reimbursement and financial experts.

Fellows' efforts are expected to lead to new, innovative solutions to address major clinical and surgical needs, with outcomes to include invention disclosures, patents, licensing of technologies, company startups, and, ultimately, commercialization that positively impacts healthcare.