Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Medical Innovation Fellowship Program?
    The MPED Medical Innovation Fellowship Program builds tomorrow's innovation leaders today. The Medical Innovation Fellowship is a multidisciplinary "team" training program for post-graduate professionals with medical, dental, doctorate, or master's degrees, who are committed to addressing real healthcare issues through innovation excellence. This program draws on the strengths of Michigan's renowned schools and colleges to develop a new type of medical innovator with the knowledge and integrated, cross-disciplinary skills necessary to transform problems into practical solutions and discoveries into products. This intensive program provides practical training through experiential learning that allows innovation knowledge to be applied to the medical arena and beyond.
  2. What is a Medical Innovation Team?
    Innovation Fellows are assembled into multidisciplinary innovation teams, comprised of one medical or dental resident, two graduate engineers of different disciplines, and one MBA. Innovation Fellows are expected to function as a cohesive team, blurring the boundaries of their respective disciplines, specialties, or sub-specialties.
  3. How will I benefit from being a Medical Innovation Fellow?
    Upon completion of the fellowship training, not only will you have had advanced training from a premiere institution but you will also be...
    • Proficient in the "best practices" of innovation, which can be broadly applied
    • Able to create a successful, sustainable innovation program that drives business value
    • Well-positioned to make a substantial contribution in an existing healthcare company or to establish a new venture
    • Equipped with the "know-how" to develop real products to address real problems that make a real difference
    • Effective in working in multidisciplinary teams and assuming management and leadership roles
    • Networked with an innovative and entrepreneurial community
    • Highly sought after for your knowledge and experience
  4. When can I apply for the fellowship?
    M-PED accepts applications for the fellowship program beginning in November for the following calendar year program. For example, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning in Nov 2015 for the July 2016-June 2017 fellowship year. Please contact Dr. James Geiger ( for details and application materials.
  5. Who is eligible?
    Post-graduate professionals with medical, doctorate, or master's degrees with a background in medicine, engineering, life sciences, public health, dentistry, or relevant business experience are eligible to apply. Physicians in their residency and who are interested in medical innovation are strongly encouraged to apply.
    Eligibility by Discipline
    • Engineering - Advanced degree or bachelor's degree with equivalent work experience. Fellowship is one year.
    • MBA - Work experience pre- or post MBA in a health related industry is preferred but not required. Fellowship is one year.
    • Medical - Should have completed a minimum of two clinical years in an accredited residency program. Participation in a procedure-oriented specialty is preferred but not required.
    Additional Requirements
    • Candidates must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident.
    • Applicants should thrive in an intense, creative, and collaborative environment and be exceptionally self-motivated.
    • Candidates will be judged on their demonstrated leadership, training, academic accomplishments, creativity, and real-life experiences.
  6. Will I receive a degree upon completion?
    The Fellowship Training Program is a non-degree granting program. The program is intended to be an advanced experiential education that expands your perspectives and skills and develops an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach that can be applied to your independent career goals.
  7. Is there a charge for the training program?
    There is no tuition charged for the Fellowship. You will receive a stipend and are eligible for health benefits during the program.
  8. How do I apply?
    Complete the application and submit all required supporting documentation.
  9. Who can I contact with specific questions?
    Please e-mail your questions to Dr. James Geiger (