What is the Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium?

The Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium (M-PED) is an association operated by the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor that is funded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) P50 Grant to advance the commercialization of pediatric devices.

Dr. James Geiger, MD, a pediatric surgeon at UM Mott Children's Hospital, is M-PED's Executive Director.  Jonathon Campbell, biomedical engineer, manages the consortium's projects and guides fellowship activities on a day-to-day basis.

How is M-PED funded?

The FDA P50 grant specifically targets most of the funds toward an “innovation engine", or a mechanism that multiple innovators can use to address the challenges unique to pediatric device commercialization. On a quarterly basis, we report the progress on each project that has been brought to M-PED for help.

 M-PED is in its third cycle of P50 funding which extends through June 2016. In addition to this grant, we are supported by a philanthropic endowment.

How is M-PED fulfilling the FDA’s vision?

Pediatric device innovators are being assisted through the consortium. Through this program, we help innovators find collaborators, make prototypes, assess intellectual property, determine the regulatory path, determine the reimbursement landscape, identify licensees, manage their project and find funding for all of the above.

Who can benefit from M-PED services?

Individual inventors, clinicians, researchers, and students can benefit from M-PED assistance. M-PED services are provided to anyone, internal or external to the University of Michigan, interested in advancing pediatric devices.

Source: http://peddev.org/about/mped-consortium